We're Glad You're Here

Welcome to the Middleground Farm online store! 

As we have pre sold this year's organic Cornish roasters; are sold out of fresh organic eggs for the foreseeable future; are endeavoring to take 100% of our organic tilapia feed production in-house*; will not have honey for sale**; and are selling our 'extra' tincture herbs to one buyer, 2014 has shaped up to be a year in which we will be able to take time off for good behavior (namely projects and hiking). Thus we have taken the store offline.  Any items offered for sale*** will be offered on our Facebook page. 

We do apologize for any inconvenience, but ask you to appreciate how excited and relieved we are to be able to plan long hikes, complicated weaving projects, and in the case of Mr. Self, long put-off robotic research.

Thank you!

*thus will not be selling tilapia shares, fry, fingerlings or breeders

**this will be a rebuilding year and we will not be harvesting honey for sale

***items that may come up for sale might be: organic fruit butters, small batched natural lip balms and face creams; raw organic fruit; handmade wreaths and handwoven rugs 


We are an organic homestead located 3 miles west of Loveland and 5 miles south of Masonville, Colorado.

Mostly we farm to provide sustenance for our family, and we've become rather good at that, having produced between 65 - 75% of our own food since 2010. But with a small family, it can be easy to produce more than what is needed of some items. When this happens, we gladly offer the bounty for sale to you, our neighbors because we believe good, honest food is for everyone.

So select an interesting page over there on the left, browse our little Web store and buy direct from the farmer. Offerings will change with the seasons and shall vary from year to year.

P.S. As a certified Food Safety Manager, the Colorado Cottage Foods Act allows me (Esmaa) to make and sell certain foodstuffs that do not require refrigeration. Please know this: residents of Colorado who are legally selling their home canned goods and/or baked goods and/or honey have a certification number. Our NRA Food Safety Manager certification number is 9191143.

Organic Comice pears off our tree.

We grow tilapia sustainably.

We use essential oils to maintain bee health, never chemicals.

A 2" thick share fish.

Cranberry pear butter is one of many
fruit butters we make and sell.

Some of the layers enjoying one of their outside roosts.

Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Motherwort is one of about 30 tincture herbs we grow.

Organic apple butter. Um, um good!

Young Cornish roasters enjoying organic greens.

This Cornish roaster is 2 weeks from harvest.

A morning's work: fresh nettles to be dried; St John's wort & dock seed
 to be cleaned plus dried dock, lambsquarter & amaranth leaves to be processed.

Yellow dock seed makes a gluten-free flour with a nut like flavor.

Made by a happy hen.

A few of the layers out on a grasshopper run.